Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Creating a New Space

Good Day Readers,

How are you, well I pray. I am updating this post that I originally posted on 5/26/20. It was the beginning of my sharing with you a new project that I was working on while being on city lock down. It was a the blessings of a new day then and its the blessing of another new day June 9. 2020. The city is in phase yellow and we are able to venture out into different areas of the city still under precautionary measures as far as wearing a mask and social distancing.

While I type this to you 14 days later of my original message having completed my special, personal space. My whole house is my personal space mind you but everyone needs a special place just for them away from the main part of the house all your own to read, relax, meditate and create. It's your personal space away from your children which in my case is not an issue all my children are grown. I have my room filled with pictures of people I love and items that make me smile, feel comfortable and relax around. Some days I have the enjoyment of nice breezes that come from the driveway in the rear of my home.

 I know I say this quite often and I will continue to say what a blessing it is to have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes on your back and to be in relatively good health and in your right mind. God is the only reason I posses all of this things. It is his gift to me, his blessing on my life. I have been through many things through the course of my life, good and bad and the Lord was always with me. I could even hear my silent tears that nobody else saw but through it all he never forsaked me, never. As our all cities prepare to open up fully to the public again let us continue to be mindful and careful so that we can keep ourselves and our families safe. Always, safety first. There is nothing worth risking your health so always stat mindful of that and don't get frustrated with the long line to get in and out of the stores if you choose to shop on premises. Enjoy this day and say your prayers daily.

Projects, Projects, Projects! My lifestyle and business borders around creativity and production. Being confined was a little rattling but believe you me I was still grateful to be awakened to each new day. I was just relegated to shopping in my garage and basement in order to keep my creative flow lucrative. I juggled things around in my living room and dinning room to my liking and also get a few new things as gifts this past Mother's Day that helped me enhance the look of both rooms. I love them, to relax is to be surrounded with what makes you smile and feel comfortable and at ease. I have dozed off a few times on my living room sofa a few times in between my daily duties because of its cozy feel.

The transformation of my spare bedroom from a guess back to my home office and craft room was fun. I am blown away at how it looks now. There is nothing like having a vision and bring it to fruition. For me the starting gate is a blue print vision in my mind of how I want things to look. Next is the search for elements that will help bring my vision to life. I wish I had taken a picture of that room before the transformation. It had turned into a catch all room. I am not exaggeration in the least. It took two days to clear out and find a place for all the things I no longer wanted in the room. I began by dismantling the bed and frame and giving the room a good vacuum. I used a small fold down table as my desk and the rest is future. You can check my Pinterest Page to see more pictures and also my decorating Page via Facebook. It was truly an adventure. It kept me busy. I now have a place to make short videos on decorating and assembling your space in .

I think I am going to leave the first floor alone and continue on with my second floor room by room. The office space is DONE so now I will work on my bedroom which I never can seem to get or keep the way I want but tomorrow is another day.

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