Glass Mom Plaque

These adorable Glass Mom plaques are such a sentimental gift to give to you Mom. They measure 7 X 4 inches and have a stand lift attached to the back for displaying on a table, mantel, Etagere or Bookcase. They are two different versions.

This one Above Reads:

You're always there to help
no matter what life brings;
to laugh with me, to be proud
of me, and share all the happy things.

But even more importantly
you're there when plans go 
wrong, to help me work things
out when disappointments come along.

And so I want to thank you, Mom,
and tell you lovingly,
you are the best thing 
life has given to me!

This One Above Reads:

I know everyone thinks,
their Mother is the best.
Well let me just inform them all,
that I'm the one who's blessed.
There's no other Mom
like you, of that
I am quite sure.
For no matter 
what the pain,
you always
have the cure.


$5.99 ea.

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