Saturday, November 19, 2022



I hear so many people saying they are dreading Christmas coming. They cant take the stress. WHAT STRESS? We only stress our own self out when we approach the holidays in the wrong frame of mind. If it were the will of many they would rush the days and time just to get past it. I truly realize that some don't embrace the holidays like others and that is ok. I also realize that holiday time can be bittersweet because of loved ones we have lost, I totally get that part because I miss my grandparents and my dad so much and even more at holiday time and we go on the best we can in hope of meeting them again in Heaven. We hold on to the good times and mentally try to continue to include them in spirit so believe me I get that part.
The stress that many complain of has nothing to do with the aforementioned and everything to do with the commercialism of Christmas. I always say do what you can within your means, there is no shame in that, actually its very wise. Don't worry about how somebody else's house is decorated in comparison to yours or how many gifts will be under somebody else's tree verses what will be under yours. Stress comes when you try to keep up with the Joneses knowing you cant and why should you anyways. Just be you and work with what you have, do what you can and let the days flow. Never put yourself under pressure trying to do EVERYTHING and especially the UNNECESSARY just do what makes you and your family happy and don't worry about what you cant do that perhaps you see others doing.
Christmas is not a competition its a time for family and making memories and just enjoying a time of love and peace and being extra thankful to God that He sent his son to be born of a virgin to give His life a ransom for man. It's not about buying things for the world. Giving gifts is a choice but not the main part of the the celebration at Christmastime. The real gift was given by God in giving his Son, Christ, Jesus. That is the ultimate love gift.
I am not saying buying things or love gifts for others is wrong or even forbidden, I am just saying its a small aspect of what Christmas truly is about and that in itself is not stressful if you can do it and if you cant worry not. You can certainly give and share love with others without buying something from a store. No, there is nothing wrong with decorating but don't neglect things that need to be taken care of on a regular and or borrow and go broke trying to prove something. Whether you decorate in a minimal or maximalist fashion one is no less or better than the other and Christmas will still be Christmas.
I love the aspect of family gathered, breaking bread together, the laughter, the still quiet when folks are eating and thinking to themselves oh my goodness this is so good, lol, and just grateful to add today's memories to yesterday's. It's the feeling, it's the mindset, it's the heart. My sweet Baltimore grandmother was never a big decorator like her granddaughter. I am talking a tree and single candle in the window, no dancing santas and blinking frosty the snowmen. I LOOOOOOOVED it because it was not about the decorations it was about going to see grandma and being up under her and eating ham and butter cake and the candy she would stash under the bed for me because she knew mommy didn't want to me to over eat chocolate. That is what gives me the warm fuzies, that Greyhound or Trailways bus ride to Maryland. Oh my goodness I can't tell you how much I treasure that now but miss it so. I miss her house and seeing her so much it could make me ill if I let it but I know I have to go on and continue to have the holidays for the both of us. Now that is some Christmas memories right there! People need to calm down and stop putting pressure on themselves. So what you cant afford to get this and you cant afford to get that it makes you no less, your are still blessed!!!! Which is more important, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on your table, your health and strength or keeping up with the joneses?
Enjoy the holidays my friends and tell stress when you see or feel it coming to hit the road you have no room for it in your mind or home!!!!!
Peace and Blessings!!!!!!

The Holidays

 The holiday season is here. My initial intention was to find a way to decorate for Christmas in an Afro Bohemian Style but I love the whimsy colorful childlike aspect of decorating so much that my plan did not come to fruition, maybe next year, Lord willing. Neutrals are beautiful believe me but to decorate for Christmas without color is like remembering Christmases of old in black and white. Growing up my mom always used color lights and there were pops of red, green  gold and silver. 

Year after year of Christmas decorating for my kids who are now grown is a hard habit to break probably because to some degree I have aged but not matured when it comes to Christmas. The kid in me still desires to be surrounded by the things I remember as a child. I like a nostalgic backdrop so you will see ceramic trees, santas, snowmen, dolls, etc. There is an eclectic mix of Christmas decorations in my home and I absolutely love it. 

Christmas holds precious memories for me that come rushing to my mind every holiday season. I hold dear the precious thoughts of my dad and grandparents who are no longer here in the physical sense but strongly in spirit. They left behind a legacy of love and the joy of Christmas the lives on in my spirit. 

I divided my downstairs living space into two separate decorating zones. The front room is decorated with clear lights and the middle room has been decorated with color lights.

I also divided the rooms into separate decorating spaces so there is four corners with different themes being displayed in both rooms. Having console tables with multiple levels gave me more space to arrange the many pieces I have collected over the years. I will further go into detail about each separate vignette I created in future blog posts. All in all I like to be different. I see many content creators mimic one another when decorating. I try not to be a trend follower more or less and be a trend setter. I like to do my own thing and not necessarily follow an exact blue print when decorating. It sets your style apart from the rest and there is no harm in that whatsoever. It is your own personal level of creativity.

It is never a competition for me when decorating for Christmas or any other time for that matter it is just a time to have fun with it and give birth to my vision. Thanksgiving will be here in a week and Christmas follows a mere 30 days later meanwhile I plan to continue to enjoy all the work I put into decorating my home and soak in the spirit of the season each day until the season comes to an end. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. My entries are forthcoming.


Enjoy your holiday season and be safe.
Walk in Creativity! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2022



One of the best way to add seasonal changes to your home without upsetting your design style is by playing on the colors of the current season and just adding subtle touches. You can achieve this with throws, pillows, curtains and scents. My mud cloth pillows have fall colors in them and my throws are neutral so they stayed as is. I brought in bowls of pinecones because they represent fall plus they are earthy. I tucked in a few pumpkins here and there and even decorated with a few extra pillows that have pumpkins on them. I didn't want to go full throttle in changing around everything like I use to do. I change the scents in my Wax Warmer and Oil Diffusers to reflect the season. I love cinnamon and spice and cloves during the Fall. I have found them both in wax and oil in the stores. I even simmer spices on my stove in a small pot I have. I keep candles in my home, some battery operated and some natural wax. You can purchase candles in the colors of the current season. You can even go as far as finding rugs that reflect the colors of the season all the while keeping everything else basically the same and in its place. Happy October!!!

Monday, August 29, 2022

It's All about the Lighting

Lighting makes a difference. A few months ago when I hoping and wishing that I had more space to add my Afro Bohemian decor to my home a vision came to me to revamp my closet space. I had not to long ago finished painting an accent wall behind my tv stand. I had the door taken off cleaned the closet out and painted it the same black that I painted the accent wall adjacent to it behind my tv cabinet. I swiped a cabinet I had in my dinning room and it was a perfect fit inside the close. I decorated the walls around 4 shelf standing unit and accessorized it. It had now become my book nook. As time passed it bothered me that the corner that I had did so much work on was hidden at night. How could I highlight it more. I tried a lamp and candles but it wasn't enough then the idea came to me to try strip lighting and what a difference it made. It is so cozy and night, did I stop there, nope, my Stepback cabinet is another statement piece in my home but all that I decorated with within could not be seen at night as well. Can you guess what I did? If you guessed bought more strip lighting and installed it in my cabinet then you are right. Now you can see what I have accessorized it with in the daytime and at nighttime. I like the fact that the you can control the brightness and cut them on an off with a remote. It even has some preset buttons for different light modes. Talk about mood lighting. What an inexpensive way to add a little nighttime charm to decorating space.

Manifest your Vision

Hello my decorating buddies, I hope everyone has been having a good day. I have been working on my dinning room. I started over the weekend. I am actually doing a remix, removal and addition this week. I removed a standing 5 tier wire shelving unit that holds some of my kitchen appliances. I put it in the kitchen were it belongs. Now I have a whole space to revamp and make it look more like a part of my dinning room in that area verses an extension of my kitchen which it is not. A place for everything and everything in its place I say. I cant wait to pull it all together and show you guys pictures. I have to get some paint this week to do a few touch ups and put together my console table so I can get start styling it the way I want to. I believe in using what you already have before buying more so what I am no longer using in this remix will go back in storage. I believe in working until I see my vision manifest. Anybody else taking on any new decorating projects. I would love to hear what you all are doing in your homes. Leave me a message. Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by.

Walk in Creativity, Let your vision flourish and express your style!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Take Care of You!

Good Morning all, let's touch a bit more on mental and physical health this morning. Mind and body are so connected. If your not healthy mentally it will eventually break you down physically. Just like if you are not physically healthy it will surely effect you mentally in a more less than positive way.

We need rest.

We need sleep.

We need exercise.

We need hydration.

There are only but so many viable hours in a day for us and we have got to learn management and balance. We all have goals, dreams and things we want to accomplish but we have to find a healthy medium in order to stay stable in mind, body, and pursuit.

Water, oh my goodness I had to learn and cant stress how important it is to fill your body with water. Over 50% of the human adult body is water. Drinking adequate amounts of water filters out your kidneys and flushes out impurities. In essence water replenishes your body. It helps the maintenance of your body. What we ingest in this day and age is so unlike what people ingested decades back before us. There are so many additives and preservatives involved in the packaging and preserving of food before they hit the market. It is nothing like picking fruits and vegetables on the farm that never hit the processing plants before it get to our tables. We have to watch the sugars, the sodium and the fats. We have to make better choices for our bodies in order to keep them functioning in a healthy state. It can be hard and we will fail sometimes but we have to keep trying and be more consistent and dedicated to keeping our bodies right so we can have the strength and stamina to do the things we need and want to do.

If we don't rest and get sleep we will get burned out quicker and earlier in life. The early we make the decision to live a more healthier lifestyle and discontinue the bad habits we are engaging in the sooner we save our bodies from potential hard consequences as we get up in age. So let's remember a few things. It's never too late to make a change. If you start now you are already a day ahead versus if you were wait til tomorrow or the next day or next month.

We always say about certain things I will get around to it and the next thing you know months and sometimes even years pass before we get it around to it and believe me that time you loose before addressing something squarely makes a big difference and can even be the difference in saving your life in the long run. I am learning more to take to heart the same advice I share with others for the betterment of my health over all mentally and physically. Remember you can't pour from an empty cup.

Peace and Blessings all and have a beautiful day! <3