Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Live to Love and Love to Live!

Morning dear readers!! I hope and pray that you and your family are well and staying safe in these challenging times we all are living in. The nation is trying to heal and get things more under control in battling Covid 19. Many have been vaccinated and it seems to be a glimmer of hope in getting things as close to being back to normal as it can be. We all are still being careful and remaining conscience of the threat of this disease and continue to take measures to protect ourselves as we slowly but surely venture outside of our homes doing things that we once did before.

I was excited 24 days ago when we entered into the Spring season, the time when most of us deep clean and give our home a Spring refresh. I am really looking forward even more to Summer arriving in 68 more days, beach and boardwalk days is what I call it (Praying to make it there this year with my family). Creating an Designing will always be a joy for me. It has always been a continued mission of mine to create a home of comfort and joy for my family!  Ask them and they will tell you that the woman they know me as has always tried to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment for them to live in, a place where they were proud to to have their friends come visit. I was raised to appreciate and take care of what I had wherever I was. I never let the size of my dwelling place nor my location deter me from making it into a home where love and heart resided. No matter what is going on outside of your door you can control what goes on in the inside and that was always my aim in every thing I did and continue to do for me and my family.

I never take the blessings of each day for granted. I thank God for them and the memories of the past. Sometimes it takes us slowly down a little and being able to reflect on how good the Lord has been to us and continues to be. The pandemic left many of us with no other choice but to do so and in some way that is a good thing, to get back to family and the root of your beginning. That same need for love and care that we needed as children we continue to need in some form even as adults who long ago left the nest of our parents in the continuance of life in starting a family and making a home of our own. We may be physically apart from them but never mentally. We still need that same constant love and nurturing from them from a far.

I Know I am not alone in how I feel. I have just joined the ranks of the other bloggers who are doing the same thing. I was doing this before social media even became a huge part in the lives of others and myself, even before I was able to afford a computer years ago to document my love for and journey in decorating and design.

Surprisingly to my Mother I have always been a farm girl at heart. I still remember being a young girl traveling in the car with my grandparents to visit relatives who actually lived on working Farms with live stock and fresh fruits and vegetables. I remember the grass, the trees, the sunshine, the rocking chairs on the wooden porches and just feeling a sense of joy and warmth. In looking back their lives were a lot less complicated and simple then the lives we live now with all our modern day technology. Many of us in our hearts and minds wish we could go back to the way it use to be in some form or fashion. There were less distractions that kept a family from being a close family. We spent more days talking. sharing and doing things together minus everyone having their own agenda or separate space to be in. Now the holidays and times of bereavement seem to be the only times families get together in large numbers to catch up on life with one another and with the threat of Covid still existing time together has become even more limited and far and few in between for safety precautions.

No one knows when their last day on earth will be and as for myself I try to live each day surrounded by joy and doing things to make others and myself happy. Creating an environment of warm and contentment helps tremendously. We live and chose partly with our eyes so I choose joy and I choose cleanliness and warmth, things that sooth the spirit and keep my mind stayed on Christ. I pray daily and surround myself with things that remind me of Him and His Word. I try to live and operate how I know God wants me to. The most important thing is Love.  Love motivates you to do things for others and not just yourself. Love motivates you to share and that is one reason I created this blog to share with you, my readers, my journey in design and in the process hope to inspire any one who reads my journey to live, love, appreciate life and be grateful for every blessing of God. Take nothing for granted. Never put off til tomorrow what you can do right now because tomorrow may not present itself to afford you a chance to do so. 

Thank you for stopping by, stay safe, trust the Lord and enjoy the Spring Summer Seasons. Walk in Creativity!

Peace and Blessings,

Sherri C. W. T.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Fill your home with love not just things...

In case this is your first time visiting my blog let me introduce myself. My name is Sherri, I love the Lord, life and my family. I am blessed to have been a stay at home mom and homemaker. The kids, all grown now, having left the nest leaves me still being a mom who tends to home where all her children remain welcome to visit and make themselves comfortable anytime. We can travel here and there but there is no place like home, where love resides. The place that mom put together with pride for her family to enjoy and make memories in year by year. Memories are made wherever you reside. Sometimes life happens and you are uprooted from a place you spent years pouring your love into and creating special times and memories for your family. No matter where God places you just bloom wherever you are in Grace in the continuance of life. We make the best of what we have where we are. It's nice to have things of enjoyment in our home but what is more important is that love resides there. Let love bloom over everything. Material things are just what they are material things, things with a price tags but Love is free. If your home is filled with Love you are rich blessing wise. Never take life or love for granted. Give it as much as you wish to receive it. 

I love to design and decorate and it is only by the Grace of God that I get to do what I love everyday. Love motivates me to create an environment for my family to relax and feel content in. I thank God for this and take not his blessings lightly because our lives could go either way. We see people in the world who have to deal with some catastrophic things.. Each day is a blessing and we should thank God for what is and what is not. We should be showing love one to another as God intends us to do. Division, hatred, injustice and evil imaginations are all works of the satan. God said love your neighbor. The Bible also says if we say we have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. So as you shop to fill your home with things make sure you don't forget to fill it with love first  and don't sit back and see your neighbor in need and not think to lend a helping hand. Material things get old, worn and loses it shine and appeal but love is eternal if its real and true. Have a wonderful week. 

God bless you. 
Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 12, 2021

DIY: Sofa Table transformation

When you want to change the look and feel of a room in your home doesn't mean you have to go out and buy new furniture transform what you have. For a year my plan has been to add more white pieces into my home. I found a nice white buffet last year that I now use as a stand to hold my tv in the living room. I put an oak sofa table in place of the buffet that once was in the corner of my dinning room. Now I needed to find a way to replace the white piece that added a level of brightness to my dinning space. It was an easy remedy for me with white chalk paint. I love the transformation and it added a pop of white in the room that was missing once I removed the buffet. I am pleased with the transformation and brightness it brings to my dinning area.



DIY Project: Bookcase transformation

I had been going back and forth in my mind for about a year as to whether I want paint my bookcase. I have been searching for months for a white hutch for my dinning room to no avail so I decided to save the money and buy a can of chalk paint and change the color of my existing bookcase. I wiped down the bookcase real good, sanded it and gave it two coats of chalk paint. I'm done and I like it. It lightened up my dinning space a lot. I moved my other tall white cabinet with the glass doors into my kitchen and put my chair and plant in that corner next to the bookcase. It really lighten and opened up my dinning room a lot. Its amazing what a little patience and elbow grease can do and I did myself.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Valentine Craft # 3 and 4

 Craft #3 

All you need is jute twine and paper heart doilies both found at the dollar store. Just string them up and whatever length you want and drape them in your home wherever you want to add a touch of Valentine decor. I draped mine across my hook rack. I am going to make a longer one and hand it across my double windows in my dinnig room. I will take a picture and post it later.

Craft # 4

I just wanted to add some hearts to my tin flower pots on my dinning room table. I took some of the same black hearts and hot glued them to the front of the pot and attached a bow made from ribbon I found at the dollar store over the hole at the top of the heart. Easy as 1 2 3.

I hope you can use these ideas in your home this Valentine's Day to add a pop of Love for that special day on the 14th of February when people show a little bit of extra love one to another.

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Happy Decorating!
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Valentine Craft # 2

 Craft #2  

The carry these 8 " long votive or prayer candles in most dollar stores.

I found this little crates at the dollar store and lightly sanded and stained it. I am using it as a caddy to hold my candles. I hot glued the black hearts to the front and attached the red ones on top. The dollar store sells sheets of peel and stick red hearts in different sizes. I also put three on each candle and wrapped some red and white twine around the mouth of the candles and tied it into a bow. 

Easy Valentine Craft #1

 Valentine's Day or Love Day as I prefer to call it is just a few weeks away. You don't have to overload you home with things to give it visual interest for different holidays or events. Sometimes less is more, lol, and sometimes I need to heed my own advice. We get excited and go into decorating and craft overload sometimes. LOL  I always say it doesn't matter what the square footage of your home is decorate as you like. If you want to layer it then do it. 

I tried to add a just a few inserts here and there. I am still enjoying my Winter decor. Let me share with you a few easy crafts that will allow you to put touches here and there if you just want to add a little to your existing theme. Don't be hesitant in picking up craft items from the dollar store the majority of our crafters do it. You can find some of the same things in the dollar store that you find at the higher end craft stores. They work just as good. Break out your hot glue gun and lets get to crafting for Valentine's Day.

Craft #1

Lightly sand your wooden hearts front and back and stain both sides. I wipes the stain off afterwards with paper towel. I only wanted a light tint of stain on them.

I hot glued a black heart to the wooden hearts and make a bow out of jute twine and hot glued it over the whole at the top of the heart.

I placed the hears in the back of my truck on the coffee table. I love this truck because as the season change I can put want I want in the back of the truck to match the event or holiday.