Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Creating a New Space

Good Morning Readers,

How are you today? What a blessing to be a part of a new day that God brought into existence. It's a little cloudy this morning but none the less still awesome. I have my front door cracked enjoying some cool fresh air, sipping on a cup of hot coffee listening to the birds sing outside. It's a blessing when God wakes you up and gets you out of bed. It's are blessing to have shelter, food to eat, clothes on your back and to be in relatively good health and in your right mind. Most of us that don't have essential jobs have been staying home under city order. It has been almost three months in doors for most of us. It has given many of  us time to cross of many things on our to do list that we seldom had extra time in a day to do, it has also enabled us to get closer to our loved ones with the extra time on our hands, not that we didn't have time before it has just allocated us a little more to check on one another and bond more. As our cities prepare to open up fully to the public again let us continue to be mindful and careful so that we can keep ourselves and our families safe. Always, safety first. There is nothing worth risking your health. Enjoy this day and don't forget to pray!

Projects, Projects, Projects! My lifestyle and business borders around creativity and production. Being confined was a little rattling but believe you me I was still grateful to be awakened to each new day. I was just relegated to shopping in my garage and basement in order to keep my creative flow lucrative. I juggled things around in my living room and dinning room to my liking and also get a few new things as gifts this past Mother's Day that helped me enhance the look of both rooms. I love them, to relax is to be surrounded with what makes you smile and feel comfortable and at ease. I have dozed off a few times on my living room sofa a few times in between my daily duties because of its cozy feel.


My current project is the transformation of my spare bedroom from a guess room to my home office and craft room. I am blown away at how it looks now. There is nothing like having a vision and bring it to fruition. For me the starting gate is a blue print vision in my mind of how I want things to look. Next is the search for elements that will help bring my vision to life. I wish I had taken a picture of that room before the transformation when I say it had turned into a catch all room I am not exaggeration in the least. It took two days to clear out and find a place for all the things I no longer wanted in the room. I began be dismantling the bed and frame and giving the room a good vacuum. I used a small fold down table as my desk and the rest is future. You can check my Pinterest Page to see more pictures and also my decorating Page via Facebook. It was truly an adventure. It kept me busy and brought me joy in the process. I now have a place to make decorating vlogs.

I think I am going to leave the first floor alone and continue on with my second floor room by room. The office is DONE so now I will work on my bedroom which I never can seem to get or keep the way I want but tomorrow is another day.

Monday, May 4, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

(Although the publishing of this post is dated 5/4/20 It was written on 4/13/20 and for some reason I didn't post to the blog it was kept as a draft. Rather than erase it I released it today.)

Good Morning,

Forgive my tardiness in posting the April 2020 Newsletter. Its Monday, April 13, 2020 and our Holy Weekend has passed, many around the world in essence celebrated the life, death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ. Many referred to the past weekend as Easter. All in All be it the welcoming of Spring/Easter or referring to it as Resurrection Sunday it is a time of reflection, just as we reflect on his birth in December. The Resurrection opens the door to eternal life for all who believe. I for one love Christmas which puts emphasis on love and his birth but I know that his life and death means all the much more. He came yes, but he came because he had work to do on not only my behalf but the behalf of many who would believe in him. God’s word says that Jesus will return again but not through the womb of his mother as he did the first time.

This past Holy weekend was one spent differently then the many we’ve spent over the years. We welcomed it minus some of our loved ones because of the nations quarantine. The most many of us could do was communicate with them via telephone or perhaps Skype. We could not physical touch them but none the less the holiday came and went. Today we are grateful to see another day for we are all living day by day now not fully knowing what each day will bring. People are getting sick, some recovering and some not and the hearts of loved ones are being broken. This virus is real and should not be taking lightly and we should be taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our families. We should be praying to God and trusting that whatever we have to face daily we can do it knowing that he will be our protector and provider. It is only through Christ that we have the strength to get through all things.

Before this pandemic the state of our world was drastically declining with many things transpiring that is not pleasing in the eyes of God. Perilous times would come and go with little or just temporary change until things seemed to be getting back to normal. Many seek for and grab the hand of God in times of trouble and loosen the grip when they felt that they could return to the control of their lives and surroundings so they thought. Bottom line, it is God who is in control. We have limited control over our lives and circumstances. His will overrides ours. We may have hopes, dreams and aspirations but if it is not in his allowed will things will play out as he sees fit for his purpose for each of us.

At this moment most of the world to a large degree is sitting still in one place. Perhaps God wants to use this time to reach us, to show us that some things need to change and that change begins with our hears and our mindset. Perhaps he wants us to see the error of our ways and turn our lives around. God doesn’t want our dependency to be on people, things, and our need to stay in relevant powerful positions of control. The control of everything is his, everything and everyone is in subjective to him including the enemy. He is the key keeper so whatever we need we can be assured that He can give it to us be it his will. Our trust should be in him and he is the one we should beseech when in need.
First, we must accept our imperfection and sin and sorrowfully admit this to God and ask him to help us make things right. Let us worry more about pleasing God and less about pleasing man. Let us be more loving toward one another as he has commanded us to do and less concerned about others not understanding our compassion and love for who many deem unlovable.

Violence and Hate destroys the human race, divided we are less likely to conquer hate and discord and live peacefully and in love among one another. We are suppose to be working together and helping one another instead of striving to be bigger, better and more popular then the next. There is nothing wrong persay with elevation as long as you don’t let pride and selfishness within yourself rise with it to where you no longer have a since of care and compassion about others. How can you posses such wealth yet see others suffering and feel like its not your problem and or why should you be the one to help. It is easy to have this mentality when the shoe is not on your foot but suppose it were, would you not be praying for help of some sort from somewhere?  We can have and still share to help someone else in need. It is not all about us obtaining it all and too bad for those who don’t or cant. (Refer to the parrable of the rich man in the Bible Luke 16:19-31 and Matthew 19:1,16-30)

Jesus had compassion, Jesus helped, Jesus healed, Jesus loved those others walked over and or walked by. Does our actions display those of Christ or are we classed among the many who lack compassion and don’t reach out to help their neighbor or a stranger we don’t even know in need?
Bottom line, our world needs changing, there is too much going along to get along for fear of loss but we can we truly lose when God is in charge of all? No one can truly take anything away from us because they literally don’t own what they have, things can be taken away in an instant. Nothing is secure permanent apart from God. Saving Grace is the only security we have through Faith in Christ Jesus. That is the only thing we can be sure of because God is not a liar and his word is truth whether some believe it or no one believes it. I encourage you even if you don’t understand it all to seek God and pray for more clarity and a better way in hopes of a better day and time in this world under his authority and government.

Presently most are in seclusion, what better time to draw near to God not only for answers but for eternal security. For it is only Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life. In him is life and we can have life for an eternity with him even after the world we live in no longer exists.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

God is Bigger Than Our Trials and Tribulations

Good Morning,

Our world has been shaking with the presence of the carona virus. I am sad about the lives that have been loss and the panic seen around the world. We have just cause to be concerned about all we see transpiring around us. There's always a portion of of anxiety about the unknown and I know that it's easier said then done but let's try to relax and focus on getting through it all by God's Grace. I know a lot of people are troubled about what each day will bring but let us focus on the each as it comes. One day at a time. In resting in God we are not saying we have no cares about anything, we are just choosing to relax and trust. Remember EVERYTHING is in subjection to God. Whatever it is he has it in his hands and under his control. Be kind and compassionate and try to help each other. We can calm the fears of many by showing love and praying for one another.

Dear Father in Heaven, We come to you in prayer for your protection oh God from all evil, hurt, harm and danger. Guard us oh Lord and guide, lead and direct us in all we say and do. Protect us from things seen and things unseen. We also pray for traveling mercies as we go out and about it the streets for our basic needs, may we return home safe and sound. Protect our homes oh Lord and keep us save inside. We bind all fear, panic and anxiety and put our trust in you for you said fear is not of you dear God and that we should trust you because Everything is in subjection to your allowance. We know you as the Great Physician and we ask that you will heal those who have gotten sick from this C19 disease, pray for the families who have lost people to this disease and pray that it will be contained and cease spreading to others. We pray for our government, nation, country and leaders. We ask all these things in the name of Jesus........... AMEN

Monday, March 9, 2020

Interior Design will always be my passion.

If you are looking for someone to assist you with decorating the rooms in your home contact me at walkincreativity@gmail.com  

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress but working hard for something we love is called passion. For over three decades I have studied interior design and God has blessed me with an eye for certain decorating styles. My journey is a blessing. I continue  each day to build on the gift He has given me with strong Faith as to where he will lead me with it by His Grace and in His timing. Thank you for stopping by my website. Please come again to stay up to date on what services and products become available.

Peace and Love,
Walk in Creativity

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hold Dear Your Beginning, it's your Journey and Your Story to Tell.

Never forget how and why you started,always be you, never try to be someone else. Develop your approach and your own style. You alone are unique in your own way. Don't stress about elevation or recognition. You will get where you need to be in God's timing. He will raise you up when its your season to reap according to his plan and purpose for your life. Meanwhile keep going, keep pushing, don't give up and pray for strength and clarity. On your Journey Lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge God and he shall direct your paths.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My Journey in Interior Design Continues...

My decorating journey began in the early 90's watching Country at Home with Mary Emmerling and afterwards Country Style with Michelle Torres on HGTV. When these two shows were no longer being  televised my love for country decor didn't end. I continued to search for all things country and cozy. When Fixer Upper came to HGTV it gave me another show to watch. I loved the way the homes were being revamped and styled. It looked country to me but I learned later that it was branded Farmhouse Style. I loved the look because it gave me the same feel as decorating country. For years I have searched for pieces that would fit within my vision in creating a warm and cozy country space for me and my family to enjoy. My kids are now grown with separate lives and places of their own. Living in this span of time with no more mommy duties to little ones I have more time to explore, create and design.  Oh what a difference when you children are older. This is when you can appreciate more the phrase "Everything in its place and a place for Everything" lol.  

When I create country  vignettes within my home I love that fact that when I leave my home and return everything is just as I left it and I can just sit down, relax and enjoy it. I loved my role as Mom to my babies and continue to love it now in their adult years along with my grandchild. I have always taken pride in my surroundings. You make the best of what you have wherever you live. Your home is what you make it. You work to create what you want to see and enjoy on a daily basis. I love entertaining and having family gatherings. My family and friends have let me know over the years that I had a particular eye for design that not only fascinated them but their friends who would visit our home as well. One of my joys is creating memories for my family and making a home that they would want to bring their friends over to visit.

I am always looking for inspiration. I just purchased Homebody: A guide to creating spaces you never want to leave by Joanna Gaines. Good title choice for the book. It is how I feel about my home and the spaces I have been creating since the early 90's. I am looking forward to reading it because my passion has always been interior designing.