Friday, May 5, 2023

Refresh by Remixing

Just as the weather can alter your mood so can the atmosphere in your living space. You have your minimalist and your maximalist. Many say less is more and some feel the opposite and enjoy the aspect of layering, textures and grouping. I am definitely a maximalist. I am also a decorator that likes to over time remix my space and give it a fresher look. This is nothing new people have been remixes living space for decades. We move sofas, chairs, tables, etc. We swap things from other rooms in our home. It is not always about going out and buying something new. Its a money saver and rids you of the headache of excessive storage.

When I start to feel disconnected with displays in certain areas of my home I know its time for me to get to remixing things for a new look. I restyled my coffee table display and I love it. It brought a part of my spirit back in synch lol. I started by swapping the table runners from both my coffee and dinning room tables. I borrowed a few gold accents from my display cabinet and kept a few I already had on there before the remix. My gold ginger jar that I absolutely love is the center focal point of my display. It sits upon a marble tray which I took from another display and put a wooden tray in place of the marble one that I now have on my coffee table. The ginger jar that was removed from my console table is flanked by two gold accents pieces all displayed on a gold table runner. The crowning touch was when I filled the ginger jar with a full display of off white colored silk peonies. I sat the gold lid beside it on the marble tray.

I repeatedly say you don't have to go broke to decorate your home. I love restyling certain areas in my home every few months with objects I already own. Yes, I may add something new every now and then that I may find on clearance or at a thriftstore. It keeps my cost low and my joy meter high. There is nothing like enjoying the home you worked hard to put together for you and your family to live in and enjoy. There is no shame in it at all. 

Small Spaces

 Don't let the square footage of your living space intimidate you when it comes to decorating your home. I always say its not the size that you are working with its how you work with the size you have. Dont be afraid to be bold and or go big. You can mix your colors, patterns and or decorating styles. There is nothing wrong with the eclectic look. You dont have to stay stuck on one style if you choose not to. 

I am constantly elevating my living space staying within my primary style of decorating. Lately I have been adding bold accents and persistently looking for things on my short bucket list. I have collected enough over the years to shop my house first in my attempt to reinvent my spaces. If you preserve what you have you can always retreive things at a later time to change up the look in your home. Simple swaps and changes can give your space a whole new look. How about change your curtains, swap out a rug, change your pillow covers and throws to another color. You can paint some of your furniture pieces and or add new hardware. I have even gone as far as changing the plates on the light switches on my walls and socket covers. Many times the subtlist changes are all you need to aquire a refreshed look in your home. In four days the Spring season will begin so I have removed a lot of the darker accents in my home and changed them to lighter and brighter ones to remove the heavy feel in my rooms. 

Yes, my living space is small, its not big. I mainly work with just two rooms. The third room that I used as my sitting/craft/guest room has turned back into a storage room but once again I plan to clean it out and reclaim it. That will be my next project over the next few months. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Happy 2023

Twenty four days ago we began a new year. In the new year there will be new ideas, new projects and remixed looks as we continue to dabble in the world of home design. I am grateful for a another year, continue life and the opportunities afforded me to keep on walking in creativity, my own mind you.  There is nothing wrong with gathering ideas and inspiration but in the end make your own. Express your style in the way that is most comfortable and appealing to you in your living space. It doesnt have to mimic anybody else's style, be you and do you.

When it was time to take down all the Christmas decor a few weeks ago I had the task of packing up putting away and unpacking and restyling what was displayed before the take down began. I post most things back in their place but then there were a lot of changes. My tv cabinet went from white to black with the use of leftover black paint. I did some furniture remixing and picked up a few new things after the holidays. I am one for a bargain and a sale. I have been a thrifty shopper for the most part of my adult life. I believe in repurposing things and upcycling what you have. 

You dont have to break the bank to obtain a new look. You will be surprised how subtle changes can give your space a whole new look and vibe with paint, pillow cover changes, curtain swaps and just merely switching stuff around that you already have. Create and vision board and get to work. I have done this for decades. Home Design has been a passion of mind for over forty years. I thank God for my home and how it is designed within. No, I am not rich I just know how to work a space from odds and ends from flea markets and thrift stores. We have to live outside of our love for home design because bills are forever and they take priority over wants, cover your needs first and what is left you can take care of some of your wants all in due time as your finances allow. Be patient your vision will come together. Don't neglect what needs to be taken care of first and find yourself in dire straits or debt. Have fun with it. I dont know about you but its theraputic for me. It is a distraction from the calamity present in the world. I pray for those hurting, sick and struggling with everyday life because stuff is happening all around us, tomorrow is not promised to either of us. Praying the God will keep you and your family safe.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing ideas, tips and content with you in 2023. Take care and stay safe.

Peace and Blessings


Monday, December 26, 2022


December 26, 2022

Good Morning, it's 25 degrees outside and many have returned home or headed  home to get back to their weekly work schedules. The highways were crowded last night I am sure with the Christmas holiday for the most part ending. All the hoopla has died down. All the planning and preparations are over in a mere 24 hour span. Many folks celebrate straight through to the new year but for most returning back to work resumes on the 26th. 

Christmas has always been for me the most wonderful time of the year. It was/has never been just a day for me. Yes, it's the day set aside worldwide to celebrate the birth of Christ, Immanuel, God with us.  It is a time of rejoicing for that hope that has come by way of God to reconnect us unto himself. His birth was like none other. He wasn't born just to be born, he was born for a purpose. He came to save His creation for He knew that sin had entered the world and was going to corrupt it and humanity living within. He would suffer a human death but at His own hands for He said I lay down my life, you have not taken it from me. He died so we could be forgiven and take part in the resurrection unto new life and eternity with God when our bodies are laid to rest. 

The soul continues on, the word of God says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord for believers. See, Jesus died for sinners and the gift of eternal life is given to those who believe in Him and what He came to do on their behalf. The Great I am is the only one capable of satisfying that sin death, a deed that no human can accomplish himself.  It had to be a perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish and we are all stained and unqualified. We are only counted worthy to be acceptable to God because of what Jesus came and did. He covers the stain of our sin and the Father only sees Jesus when he gazes at us because our Savior not only bridges the gap but stands in the gap.

The spirit of the world seems to change on the 26th of December. Whatever joy, smiles and warmth leading up to the 25th of December diminishes. I am always hoping and often praying that the spirit will last longer than Christmas and continuing on through out the rest of the year and into the new year. I am praying to see more love and less hate in the world. I am praying to see less division and more unity in the world. I am praying to see more compassion and less personal judgement and persecution of others. I am praying to see more people disagreeing in love and less being overly offended by the choices of others. No one should hate another person based on ethnicity, religion or lifestyle. Nothing gets solved when hate is involved. We are emotional creatures and have to digest that two wrongs never make a right. I pray that more will seek the word of God in how to handle life's challenges and situations verses acting and operating from personal emotions.

I say all this to say I pray going forth for that we will learn to love each other more and look after one another as the Lord desires us to do. Let us not step over, go around or hide from another in need and show love, support and prayer. That is the true spirit of Love not to just be observed in the month of December but the other 11 months as well.

Wishing you all and your family a happy, healthy, joyous continue holiday season and a Happy New Year, Lord willing, to come.

Peace and Love

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Advent 2022: A 4 week message of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love


Welcome to my page. I hope you were able to catch my 4 week Advent message for the 4 Sundays before Christmas. If not head over to YouTube and listen to my reflections on Jesus the past 4 Sundays.

Advent means "arrival", it sheds light on an event or the arrival of a person. Advent is observed the last 4 Sundays before Christmas day. This year it began Sunday, November 27th and ends Sunday, December 24th.

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in bodily form. For many advent may just be a countdown after the Thanksgiving weekend has ended leading up to Christmas day but for believers it serves as a reflection and remembrance of Christ Jesus, born of the virgin Mary. He is God incarnate, the long-awaited Messiah. Jesus is the image of the invisible God. I like to reflect on his first coming, who He is and what He represents. There will be a message of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022



I am sitting here only by God's Grace typing this and my body is so still. Emotions run high and I am grateful to God for all his has done in my life and how far he has brought me. I could not make it through life without Him. My mind could not stay right without Him. The minutes, hours, days, months and years of life have passed so quickly. One day you are in this era of your life and the next thing you know you are looking back on decades gone by trying to figure out how you merged from what use to be to where you are now.
Time truly is but a few breathes from beginning to end so no need to try to figure it all out because you wont be able to understand it all so just live for right now and be thankful to God for what you were able to experience, witness and be a part of. Thank God for memories because for many of us that is all we have to go on when seasons change in our lives be it expected and unexpected. Smile and ponder in your mind all those good times that we often took for granted and wish we could experience again.
We have to continue to look forward in hope of the glorious time when we transition from these moments in life to the next phase of our journey when we will be with God in the place He has prepared for us. Let your legacy be one that those whom your path in life has crossed with will be reflected on with joy. Make the best of each day and put on love, kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness and continued faith knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Peace and Blessings!

Saturday, November 19, 2022



I hear so many people saying they are dreading Christmas coming. They cant take the stress. WHAT STRESS? We only stress our own self out when we approach the holidays in the wrong frame of mind. If it were the will of many they would rush the days and time just to get past it. I truly realize that some don't embrace the holidays like others and that is ok. I also realize that holiday time can be bittersweet because of loved ones we have lost, I totally get that part because I miss my grandparents and my dad so much and even more at holiday time and we go on the best we can in hope of meeting them again in Heaven. We hold on to the good times and mentally try to continue to include them in spirit so believe me I get that part.
The stress that many complain of has nothing to do with the aforementioned and everything to do with the commercialism of Christmas. I always say do what you can within your means, there is no shame in that, actually its very wise. Don't worry about how somebody else's house is decorated in comparison to yours or how many gifts will be under somebody else's tree verses what will be under yours. Stress comes when you try to keep up with the Joneses knowing you cant and why should you anyways. Just be you and work with what you have, do what you can and let the days flow. Never put yourself under pressure trying to do EVERYTHING and especially the UNNECESSARY just do what makes you and your family happy and don't worry about what you cant do that perhaps you see others doing.
Christmas is not a competition its a time for family and making memories and just enjoying a time of love and peace and being extra thankful to God that He sent his son to be born of a virgin to give His life a ransom for man. It's not about buying things for the world. Giving gifts is a choice but not the main part of the the celebration at Christmastime. The real gift was given by God in giving his Son, Christ, Jesus. That is the ultimate love gift.
I am not saying buying things or love gifts for others is wrong or even forbidden, I am just saying its a small aspect of what Christmas truly is about and that in itself is not stressful if you can do it and if you cant worry not. You can certainly give and share love with others without buying something from a store. No, there is nothing wrong with decorating but don't neglect things that need to be taken care of on a regular and or borrow and go broke trying to prove something. Whether you decorate in a minimal or maximalist fashion one is no less or better than the other and Christmas will still be Christmas.
I love the aspect of family gathered, breaking bread together, the laughter, the still quiet when folks are eating and thinking to themselves oh my goodness this is so good, lol, and just grateful to add today's memories to yesterday's. It's the feeling, it's the mindset, it's the heart. My sweet Baltimore grandmother was never a big decorator like her granddaughter. I am talking a tree and single candle in the window, no dancing santas and blinking frosty the snowmen. I LOOOOOOOVED it because it was not about the decorations it was about going to see grandma and being up under her and eating ham and butter cake and the candy she would stash under the bed for me because she knew mommy didn't want to me to over eat chocolate. That is what gives me the warm fuzies, that Greyhound or Trailways bus ride to Maryland. Oh my goodness I can't tell you how much I treasure that now but miss it so. I miss her house and seeing her so much it could make me ill if I let it but I know I have to go on and continue to have the holidays for the both of us. Now that is some Christmas memories right there! People need to calm down and stop putting pressure on themselves. So what you cant afford to get this and you cant afford to get that it makes you no less, your are still blessed!!!! Which is more important, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on your table, your health and strength or keeping up with the joneses?
Enjoy the holidays my friends and tell stress when you see or feel it coming to hit the road you have no room for it in your mind or home!!!!!
Peace and Blessings!!!!!!