Thursday, November 21, 2019

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

Anybody that knows me knows that I love Christmas! Some have deemed me the Christmas Queen. If you ask me how it all began as far as my creativity and love for decorating Christmas will be a part of my answer. As a young girl I could not wait for the Holidays to roll around because I knew that not only was it a time of thanks and gathering with my family it was a time of beautiful bright color lights, snow and Christmas decorations.

I remember the day after Thanksgiving the first Christmas cartoon that television network would show was "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" which at that time wasn't one of my favorites but I watched it to get an early taste of Christmas before my favorites "A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" would be shown on Tv. Decades later, now a Mother and Grandmother, I bought the  Mr. Magoo's Christmas DVD  and watch it frequently through the year even before the Christmas season begins and straight through the holidays. It's now  a classic to me and my favorite because it takes me back to my childhood where there was lots of joy, anticipation and excitement for Christmas. My parents made every Christmas so special for me that it rooted in me and further fueled my intense love for Christmas. As an adult the tradition of providing a Loving, Joyous Christmas for my family was passed on to me from my Mom. She has often said I have never seen anyone with a love for Christmas like you have.

Mom decorated for Christmas every year and believe me I love it but it just wasn't early enough so I would decorate my room with garlands and lights and a mini tree way before Mom would start decorating the house around the second week of December. When I got married and move out of the nest into my first home I was ready. I love the sight, sounds and smells of Christmas. When late October rolled around I was taking inventory so I could decorate on November 1st. Now decades later with three adult children and one tweener grandchild I have not skipped one beat decorating for Christmas. The only thing that has changed or shall I say increased is the borders that I decorate within my home and the time when I begin which is now mid October. I put so much into it that I need to start early because I am continuously pulling stuff out for weeks. Unlike my childhood where there was one tree present I put up several, right now presently I have three decorated and on display. In the early 90's I grew a love for country design and my Christmas displays expressed my love of Country Style. 

As the years past my spirit wasn't quite satisfied with expressing my creativity decorating wise and I began to decorate my house for each season and various other holidays throughout the year. In 2017 I formed Walk in Creativity and Catherine Rose Creations in order to share my creativity with the world and custom create pieces for others interested in my work. True, you have to have a certain eye when it comes to assembly and presentation when it comes to interior design and whatever I posses I thank God for. Over the years I have gotten many compliments which I humbly appreciate from any and everyone who has seen my decorating style and or work.

It's that time of year again. I type this entry here on my blog one week preceding Thanksgiving 2019. My home is all decorated and I am in full Christmas mode, LOL. Now it's just final preparations being made before my family, Lord willing, gathers at my house for food, fun and family time! I am truly blessed and so are you!

Thank you for stopping by,
Peace and Blessings,
Catherine Rose

P.S. I have a 2019 Christmas Home Tour on Youtube, if you would like to see it. Search Walk in Creativity on Youtube and there you will find it.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Holidays are Upon Us

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and Christmas follows with less than 30 days til it's arrival. Now is the time to place your orders or request something custom made. Visit my websites @ or Email me or send me a private message if you have any questions. Last day for custom order requests is December 4, 2019. Pre-made items can be ordered up until December 11, 2019. Local picks ups can be arranged for pick up until Friday December 20, 2019 until 6 PM. Have a blessed holiday season and thank you for your encouragement and support.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Welcome Fall 2019

We are 8 days into the Autumn even though temperatures are sometimes confusing to us as to which season we are really in. Today we welcome a new month. It is almost hard to believe we only have three months left in this year before we will be ushering in 2020, Lord willing. Fall decorations are being put out in many homes and on porches. I love all the pretty colors of Fall; the bright yellow and orange mum plants and the brown, green, and yellow leaves on the trees and the ground. I love the cooler weather and being able to shut off the air conditioners in the windows and letting in the fresh air through open windows and doors instead. There is nothing like a cup of tea or coffee early in the morning enjoy that fresh crisp morning air.

Plans are already in the works for Thanksgiving 2019 which is a mere 8 weeks away. I love the family gatherings and all the fine delicious foods and desserts that many Moms and Grandmas will be making for their family. Time moves fast so its always wise to plan in advance so that you the planner can also enjoy the day with your family. Browse my website and see if there is anything I can supply you with in decorating your home for the holidays. If it says its the item is no longer available and you desire that specific item contact me so arrangements can be made to make and supply you with whatever it is you see that you like. Late this month and early next month I will be listing items to be used to decorate your home for the Christmas season so be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see what items become available for purchase. Let me help you make your home festive for the Holidays.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so ladies please get your check up and have your mammograms. Early detection is important for treatment and saving your life.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a blessed Autumn Season and coming Holidays.

Peace and Blessings,
Walk in Creativity

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Fall is a Month Away.....

Some people decorate early for Fall and I am one of them. I decorate so early for Christmas that I started decorating early for Autumn so I could get a chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor before the end of October when I start transforming my home into a Holiday Haven. I have even started making things for Christmas as well as a few things for Fall that I have shown you in previous posts.

Project #1 My Square Pumpkins

Love my square pumpkins and that mailbox in the background I will be transforming into a Santa Box for letters for Santa in a few weeks.

Project #2
My Country Christmas Signs.

Project #3 My Tic Tac Toe Board

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Signs, Part 2

Had fun making signs for my home. I love the open houses and boxes I found at the dollar zone stores. I pulled out my chalk paints and glue and got to putting together the signs I wanted to display.

#1 My Welcome Sign

#2 The EAT sign I made for my Kitchen

Signs, Signs and More Signs

Signs seem to be in and there are a lot of beautiful signs in the store. I bought a few and I made more then a few. I love making things and displaying them in my home. It brings me joy in doing it and a smile to my face when others visit and admire my work.

#1 Sunflower signs for my Daughter

#2 Gather door sign

#3 Farmhouse Chair

Found this blue chair at a thrift store. Perfect Farmhouse decor bones. I popped the snowman and wreath off the blue chair and painted it with black chalk paint and decorated it. PERFECT! Just the look I imagined when I saw it in the store.

#3 Farmhouse sign

Found these two cute farmhouse animal shaped dishes 1/2 price, went home found an old sign painted it black and used E6000 to attach the dishes to the wooden sign when it dried and hot glue  the rope on the back so I can hang it on my wall.