Grateful and Blessed

Good evening and Happy Wednesday my fellow decorators and content creators. If you are new welcome to my website where I made periodic blog entries sharing my joy and passion in decorating. If you are a follower of Walk in Creativity welcome back. I am happy you stop through the read today's blog entry. I appreciate you.

I have been on this decorating journey for over twenty years now. I have always enjoyed the art of expressing myself in my home design. I believe your home is a reflection of oneself to a large degree. It is what you like beholding daily, its your personal perfected style even if others like the same design style you have it is about how you put the cherry on top of the style your home embodies. I have explored several different design styles through the decades. I think I have come to my final decorating style which is African Bohemian.

I got seriously invovlved in capturing an Afro Boho Style within my home around 2022 so right now I am full on Afro Boho Eclectic with a touch of glam. I know that is a long title but I just cant be boxed in because me eyes are wide and my vision big. The glam sneaks in there because I love the reflection of the gold that makes me think of sunlight because of its shine. I like wood, metal, glass and artwork. I have a few animal masks and african accents.

I like sectioning off spaces within my rooms and making vingettes. My three towers in my living room mirror each other in some sense from shelf to shelf. I have done the same in my dinning room. I have mixed in greenery and even created a small area for music in memory of my dad who loved jazz with his whole heart. I just feel like I have a lot more to do in time as finances,time and strength allows. I am in no hurry. I basically deal with three room to display my style. My extra room is just that an extra room that has not been rooted in a specific style or continued look. I have tried in the past to asign the space as my in home office but it ends up becoming a catch all and storage for decor that is not being used at that moment. It also doubles as my grandson's room when he annually visits for the summer. This is the year I am going to put my mind to paper and develop a look and system for the room. I need a home office, one designated place to store my work as well as have a place to work. It was just so convienent to go upstairs and get things verses searching my whole storage area in the lower level of my home. Perhaps if I add some strong upper shelving in the room I can use it partly for storage of certain items and they will be out of the way and wont interfere with what is going on below them. 

I titled this entry Grateful and blessed because that is how I always felt. I am humbled at what God has allowed me to do, experience and accomplish. I am blessed to have the mindset to do things I really love. I am grateful and blessed that God has allowed me to be called daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I am blessed to share my faith with others and encourage them to trust in the Lord. I am blessed to have a testimony to give to others in light of the blessings God has bestowed upon me and to have family and friends who love, care, and support what I do.

When it comes to my passion to create and decorate I am blessed that people have seen my designs and have been inspired and encouraged to let their own creativity flow. Don't be afraid to express your style no matter how different or untraditional it may be, its yours. It is not suppose to reflect others its suppose to reflect you because you created it.

Have a blessed day and thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I appreciate you.

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