Mother's Day Open House/Luncheon 2019

As I sat here this morning looking around the first floor of my home I realized what a blessing my life is and how it is so good to give back in light of all that you receive. Yesterday my business Walk in Creativity had its second annual Mother's Day Open House/Luncheon and a blessing it was. I look forward to treating the Mother's special each year to a sit down lunch. I decorated the tables so beautiful in hopes of bringing a smile to their faces. I designed the atmosphere to be a comfortable and warm space for them to enjoy a time of fellowship, good food and fun.  Moms do a lot and are depended upon more than most envision. They deserve a day of recognition and even though worldwide she is annually celebrated I just wanted to add a little extra icing on the cake by honoring them in my own special way which is why I have this Event every year. I pray each year it gets bigger and better but I know God will draw all who are intended to be there and expand the Event as he sees fit. I am just honored to be the hostess who does a part in serving them on a special chosen day each year. I am grateful for all the ladies who attended the event. I look forward to, Lord willing, our 3rd Annual Event in honor of Mothers in 2020.

God has given me so much how could I not be inclined to want to give back in some sort of way to others. It's not always about you being served you have to learn to want to support and serve others in anyway you can. Support is more than just saying, good for you and I wish you the best, yes those are beautiful sentiments don't get me wrong but its a little more than that. We have to put our support in action if its just sharing someone else's accomplishments with others, being a spokesperson for them and or rallying around them in love and in person at their event(s). A long time girlfriend of mine that was in attendance said something yesterday that touched my heart, she said "I had to show up it was a special day for you". That statement that touched me deep inside because it was true. It also touched me that she saw fit to be there and support me in spite of having perhaps other things might have to desired to do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon but she choose to spend it with me as did all the other ladies. She knew that it was more than just a selling event and that she would get something back in return. We all had a wonderful time together.

 I was the designer, the decorator, the caterer, the host and the server and I loved it. I thank God for the energy to do it all. I did not want them to come to my event and think that their sacrifice and efforts coming to my Event would be in vain or one sided. I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me and that is true friendship. It's a two way support system. It is nothing you feel burdened or forced to do, its done because you want to for sister/friend in support and love. I am just grateful for the years of friendship and love I have received from these women, some are new and we are building a friendship in love and I feel the same about them. I have always been involved in the empowerment and uplifting of other women hence my groups Woman2Woman Lounge and Moms Working for the Kingdom started in 2007. I have not been attending to these two groups like I use to in light of changes in my life and my new businesses Walk in Creativity and Catherine Rose Creations  but I want to bring everything in conjunction with one another full circle so you will be seeing and hearing more from me in different areas on social media.

 God Bless you all, keep striving for what you believe in, step out on faith to see your dreams come to fruition,  never stop believing in yourself no matter how many others might not and keep giving back, you are more special than you think. Pray and let God's grace take you places according to his will and purposes in your life.

Blessings and Love,
Catherine Rose

Walk in Creativity