Friday, July 19, 2019

July DIY Projects

Project #1 A Hydrangea Wreath

I have an lots of florals in storage because I am constantly making arrangements for my Home and for picture staging some future customers can get a glimpse of what type of merchandise I can supply them with for Events and Parties. I had picked up some hydrangeas at Walmart and AC Moore some time ago and had done nothing with them. I have a lot of wreath frames in storage as well. I love grapevine wreaths so when I see them on sale or at thrift stores I pick them up and put them away for future usage. The idea came to me to make the hydrangea wreath because I thought it would fit in well with my Farmhouse change over. I may add some pumpkins to it later when I start decorating for Fall but for now I love the simplicity of it and I hung it on my closet door in the living room. It was an easy project the only required Floral scissors to cut the flowers down so I could hot glue them to the grapevine frame.

Project #2 A Hydrangea and Magnolia Floral Ring

I had a few hydrangeas left over and all I need was another cream colored flower so I use the Magnolias that was once a display on the back of my front door in a cone shaped metal holder. I will re-purpose stuff in a minute. You have to learn the art of reusing what you already have in your inventory it is so cost effective. The floral ring was made on a round styrofoam base. I put one of my luminara candles in a tall glass cylinder thin vase and placed it in the center of the arrangement. I think it compliments the wreath nicely.

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