Decorate Without Breaking The Bank

When I am in the early stages of thinking what new projects I will embark on to come up with a design I desire to showcase in my home  the first place I go to before I go to the store or the catalogs to order something is my basement and garage. Its my best place to shop free of charge. I find that I usually have on hand something I can re-purpose to develop the design I am aiming to achieve. I recently decided to decorate my home in the Farmhouse Style. I have always loved country and Farmhouse is close to decorating Country Style.

I found all I needed was wood, chalk paint, a glue gun and Gorilla glue to make what I wanted. I started pulling out old wood signs and began painting. My Farmhouse colors are black, white and green. I already had green and white in my home so I really just needed to add some black.  Farmhouse decor seems to be the craze now when I was already decorating farmhouse style to a degree for years so it didn't take many projects for me to do to achieve that perfect farmhouse look.

I had my first trip to Hobby Lobby this month and I must say I am hooked. Kirklands is a nice place as well. This time of the year you can catch a lot of seasonal sales because the stores rushed to get fall stuff out. I loved all the 60-80% discounts. I am not ashamed to say I love the Clearance section in the stores. You don't have to spend a lot of money to design or redesign your home, re-purpose what you already have. I have been having fun going farmhouse!

#1 Faux window and shutter transformation

#2 Flag transformation