Let There Be Love

Today is the 14th of January one month til love day. I use the word "love" a lot because it's a powerful verb. It describes what my heart holds. It describes how I feel about life and my family. It describes how I feel about God because not only is He the definition of love but he loved me first. Sometimes I am so filled with joy I feel like I could bust. It just comes out of nowhere. I know I am extremely flawed but I know I am blessed inspite of my shortcomings. I don't boast about them because each day I strive to be better. When I catch myself slipping in areas God knows I need to improve I work to correct it and better my actions. It takes much prayer and patience to endure life on a daily basis because no one knows what will happen from one day to the next but you live day by day and try to find the joy in it. You smile, love and try to relax in peace as much as you can. I am learning that you have to grab moments in a day to just sit still and reflect all the while giving God the honor and glory for each moment and for what is and what is not. A month ago we were celebrating Christmas which is my favorite time of year by far but when February draws near I reflect on the fact that I love "LOVE" more than anything. First the love of God and second the love that exudes from human nature. I strive to be more understanding and compassionate. I work to be more forgiving and giving because God has forgiven me and given me so much. I am grateful for my family, friends and life's lessons. I am grateful for each storm God has helped me weather and come through. I may have gotten a little wet be not destroyed.

As Love day approaches I want to encourage you all to love everyday, show compassion, forgiveness, and understanding remembering your own imperfections. Prayer is our weapon against the enemy. He is a joy stealer. When you feel overwhelmed and confused pray harder. When you are struggling knowing you need a way out because what you are involved in is not pleasing to God pray even harder for deliverance and to resist the temptations of the devil.

My mother always stressed to me to not be a follower if anything be a leader. You need not a title or high position in the world to lead others. You can lead others in love, you can lead others to Christ. No, not everyone will like you persay or even want to emulate what they see you do, worry not about that and pray for your enemies and or those who don't like you and leave it there. Always let God handle opposition, never take to much matter into your own hands alone because we need God to fight those battles for all are not battles that we can see with our eyes some are hidden. Don't worry about others, pray for them and do what you can to make your surroundings a better place and those you come in contact with feel loved. Many are searching the world for love you be the place where they can find it. Let love radiate from you. With the Love of God in you you can never go wrong. Love without motive. Love without expectations. Love because God said we should love one another as he has loved us.

As I close this post I wish for you blessings and a safe and happy minute by minute the leads us into another day by the Grace of God.

Sherri Catherine Rose