My Journey in Interior Design Continues...

My decorating journey began in the early 90's watching Country at Home with Mary Emmerling and afterwards Country Style with Michelle Torres on HGTV. When these two shows were no longer being  televised my love for country decor didn't end. I continued to search for all things country and cozy. When Fixer Upper came to HGTV it gave me another show to watch. I loved the way the homes were being revamped and styled. It looked country to me but I learned later that it was branded Farmhouse Style. I loved the look because it gave me the same feel as decorating country. For years I have searched for pieces that would fit within my vision in creating a warm and cozy country space for me and my family to enjoy. My kids are now grown with separate lives and places of their own. Living in this span of time with no more mommy duties to little ones I have more time to explore, create and design.  Oh what a difference when you children are older. This is when you can appreciate more the phrase "Everything in its place and a place for Everything" lol.  

When I create country  vignettes within my home I love that fact that when I leave my home and return everything is just as I left it and I can just sit down, relax and enjoy it. I loved my role as Mom to my babies and continue to love it now in their adult years along with my grandchild. I have always taken pride in my surroundings. You make the best of what you have wherever you live. Your home is what you make it. You work to create what you want to see and enjoy on a daily basis. I love entertaining and having family gatherings. My family and friends have let me know over the years that I had a particular eye for design that not only fascinated them but their friends who would visit our home as well. One of my joys is creating memories for my family and making a home that they would want to bring their friends over to visit.

I am always looking for inspiration. I just purchased Homebody: A guide to creating spaces you never want to leave by Joanna Gaines. Good title choice for the book. It is how I feel about my home and the spaces I have been creating since the early 90's. I am looking forward to reading it because my passion has always been interior designing.