God is Bigger Than Our Trials and Tribulations

Good Morning,

Our world has been shaking with the presence of the carona virus. I am sad about the lives that have been loss and the panic seen around the world. We have just cause to be concerned about all we see transpiring around us. There's always a portion of of anxiety about the unknown and I know that it's easier said then done but let's try to relax and focus on getting through it all by God's Grace. I know a lot of people are troubled about what each day will bring but let us focus on the each as it comes. One day at a time. In resting in God we are not saying we have no cares about anything, we are just choosing to relax and trust. Remember EVERYTHING is in subjection to God. Whatever it is he has it in his hands and under his control. Be kind and compassionate and try to help each other. We can calm the fears of many by showing love and praying for one another.

Dear Father in Heaven, We come to you in prayer for your protection oh God from all evil, hurt, harm and danger. Guard us oh Lord and guide, lead and direct us in all we say and do. Protect us from things seen and things unseen. We also pray for traveling mercies as we go out and about it the streets for our basic needs, may we return home safe and sound. Protect our homes oh Lord and keep us save inside. We bind all fear, panic and anxiety and put our trust in you for you said fear is not of you dear God and that we should trust you because Everything is in subjection to your allowance. We know you as the Great Physician and we ask that you will heal those who have gotten sick from this C19 disease, pray for the families who have lost people to this disease and pray that it will be contained and cease spreading to others. We pray for our government, nation, country and leaders. We ask all these things in the name of Jesus........... AMEN