Friday, January 22, 2021

Easy Valentine Craft #1

 Valentine's Day or Love Day as I prefer to call it is just a few weeks away. You don't have to overload you home with things to give it visual interest for different holidays or events. Sometimes less is more, lol, and sometimes I need to heed my own advice. We get excited and go into decorating and craft overload sometimes. LOL  I always say it doesn't matter what the square footage of your home is decorate as you like. If you want to layer it then do it. 

I tried to add a just a few inserts here and there. I am still enjoying my Winter decor. Let me share with you a few easy crafts that will allow you to put touches here and there if you just want to add a little to your existing theme. Don't be hesitant in picking up craft items from the dollar store the majority of our crafters do it. You can find some of the same things in the dollar store that you find at the higher end craft stores. They work just as good. Break out your hot glue gun and lets get to crafting for Valentine's Day.

Craft #1

Lightly sand your wooden hearts front and back and stain both sides. I wipes the stain off afterwards with paper towel. I only wanted a light tint of stain on them.

I hot glued a black heart to the wooden hearts and make a bow out of jute twine and hot glued it over the whole at the top of the heart.

I placed the hears in the back of my truck on the coffee table. I love this truck because as the season change I can put want I want in the back of the truck to match the event or holiday.

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