Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

Yes, the world is changing but we don't have to. Christmas can be found inside of your heart even when its not visually present in the world. When it comes to Christmas I am not constrained to one day, a certain time of year nor just the months of November or December. I keep it within me all the time. I took down the remainder of my Christmas decor and now my home has more of a winter feel to it than a Christmas one. I will return to my neutral decor. I tried to go for a neutral Christmas but the color red was calling me as well as the old fashioned color lights so I had a little of both up for the holidays season. My living room was more neutral than my dinning room which was full of color especially Christmas red.

Last year I started introducing elements of Boho alongside my Farmhouse designs. I thought I had retired the black and white buffalo check for a while but I brought it out again, not too much just on my dinning room table and the scarf on my tv cabinet under my tv. I missed my plants during the Christmas season they too have returned to the first floor level of my home. My small winter tree by the front door warms my heart and makes the transition from Christmas back to the norm a little easier.

In these times of uncertainty unable to control what goes on outside of our homes it's a blessing to be able to control what goes on inside. Being able to stay at home, limiting my outside interactions, it brings me joy to be able to design an oasis of comfort and warmth to spend time with my immediate family sheltered by God from the chaos of the world. It is truly a blessing and even better that I have been crafting, designing and decorating as a hobby for years it allows me to keep reinventing the look of my home season by season and year after year.

Thank you for stopping by my website, stay tuned for more pictures in the coming days as I begin to decorate for Love day (Feb. 14th). I hope you are inspired and grab a few ideas here and via my youtube channel (Walk in Creativity) so you to cant create a cozy haven to quarantine in while we all pray and try to stay safe during this pandemic.

Peace and Blessings,
Walk in Creativity
S. Catherine Rose

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