Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Live to Love and Love to Live!

Morning dear readers!! I hope and pray that you and your family are well and staying safe in these challenging times we all are living in. The nation is trying to heal and get things more under control in battling Covid 19. Many have been vaccinated and it seems to be a glimmer of hope in getting things as close to being back to normal as it can be. We all are still being careful and remaining conscience of the threat of this disease and continue to take measures to protect ourselves as we slowly but surely venture outside of our homes doing things that we once did before.

I was excited 24 days ago when we entered into the Spring season, the time when most of us deep clean and give our home a Spring refresh. I am really looking forward even more to Summer arriving in 68 more days, beach and boardwalk days is what I call it (Praying to make it there this year with my family). Creating an Designing will always be a joy for me. It has always been a continued mission of mine to create a home of comfort and joy for my family!  Ask them and they will tell you that the woman they know me as has always tried to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment for them to live in, a place where they were proud to to have their friends come visit. I was raised to appreciate and take care of what I had wherever I was. I never let the size of my dwelling place nor my location deter me from making it into a home where love and heart resided. No matter what is going on outside of your door you can control what goes on in the inside and that was always my aim in every thing I did and continue to do for me and my family.

I never take the blessings of each day for granted. I thank God for them and the memories of the past. Sometimes it takes us slowly down a little and being able to reflect on how good the Lord has been to us and continues to be. The pandemic left many of us with no other choice but to do so and in some way that is a good thing, to get back to family and the root of your beginning. That same need for love and care that we needed as children we continue to need in some form even as adults who long ago left the nest of our parents in the continuance of life in starting a family and making a home of our own. We may be physically apart from them but never mentally. We still need that same constant love and nurturing from them from a far.

I Know I am not alone in how I feel. I have just joined the ranks of the other bloggers who are doing the same thing. I was doing this before social media even became a huge part in the lives of others and myself, even before I was able to afford a computer years ago to document my love for and journey in decorating and design.

Surprisingly to my Mother I have always been a farm girl at heart. I still remember being a young girl traveling in the car with my grandparents to visit relatives who actually lived on working Farms with live stock and fresh fruits and vegetables. I remember the grass, the trees, the sunshine, the rocking chairs on the wooden porches and just feeling a sense of joy and warmth. In looking back their lives were a lot less complicated and simple then the lives we live now with all our modern day technology. Many of us in our hearts and minds wish we could go back to the way it use to be in some form or fashion. There were less distractions that kept a family from being a close family. We spent more days talking. sharing and doing things together minus everyone having their own agenda or separate space to be in. Now the holidays and times of bereavement seem to be the only times families get together in large numbers to catch up on life with one another and with the threat of Covid still existing time together has become even more limited and far and few in between for safety precautions.

No one knows when their last day on earth will be and as for myself I try to live each day surrounded by joy and doing things to make others and myself happy. Creating an environment of warm and contentment helps tremendously. We live and chose partly with our eyes so I choose joy and I choose cleanliness and warmth, things that sooth the spirit and keep my mind stayed on Christ. I pray daily and surround myself with things that remind me of Him and His Word. I try to live and operate how I know God wants me to. The most important thing is Love.  Love motivates you to do things for others and not just yourself. Love motivates you to share and that is one reason I created this blog to share with you, my readers, my journey in design and in the process hope to inspire any one who reads my journey to live, love, appreciate life and be grateful for every blessing of God. Take nothing for granted. Never put off til tomorrow what you can do right now because tomorrow may not present itself to afford you a chance to do so. 

Thank you for stopping by, stay safe, trust the Lord and enjoy the Spring Summer Seasons. Walk in Creativity!

Peace and Blessings,

Sherri C. W. T.

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