Thursday, August 5, 2021

Creativity and Vision

I use the words Creativity and Vision a lot because you have to have both in order to make your plan come to light. There are many creative people in the world with and without a plaque that deems them Interior Designer, Interior Decorator or Home Decor Expert or a television show to showcase your skill. When in search of your design style you become the interior expert for your personal space because it is being designed totally by you and for you. Your taste, your home, your style. There are so many different design styles and some even have a few in their home as they decorate room by room.

Design Styles:





Midcentury Modern 

Art Deco 




Shabby Chic

Figuring out your Design Style:

In figuring out your design style make a list of the things you like seeing in your living space that bring you comfort and tranquility. Document the colors you like and types of furniture pieces. List the types of plants or flowers your fond of for your indoor and or outdoor space if you are also designing an outdoor living space as well. Colors are the backdrop of your design so choosing a neutral color makes it easier to layer other things within your space without sticking to one color pallet. With neutral walls and ceilings you can add pops of color from season to season without having to choose certain colors so you wont clash with your wall color. You cant go wrong with a neutral backdrop.

You can find inspiration or ideas from decorating magazines and videos or Pinterest. It is fun to browse and see design pictures. You are bound to find a design or designs you like and just go from there. Most of the time you just need a starting point. I remember mine came from being an avid watcher of Country at Home on HGTV back in the early 90's. They had some beautiful design shows and Country at Home and Country Style really pulled my heart in and before you knew it Country Decor was my design of choice. I have been thrifting since the late 80's and I still thrift. Another person's giveaway can be your treasure at a deep discount, dust it off, clean it up and or repurpose it. I have found many things in good condition and all I had to do was to give it a good sanitizing just for safety sake. I was doing this before the pandemic for each piece I found especially because others were handling it before it made its way to my home. Once you have the walls and ceilings painted and the placement of your furniture pieces you can move on to what you are going to accent your space with. I love shopping for accent pieces.

Tip #1----If love to display things as I do you will want to choose furniture pieces with layered levels so you can display your antiques or favorite decor accents. Hutches, Cabinets, Curios and Shelving units are good choices because they are multi level and have lots of space to showcase.

Tip #2 ---If you have limited storage within your home it's a good idea to choose furniture pieces that are multi functional such as ottomans, side tables with draws and even coffee tables and sofa table that are multi-leveled. Another good idea is the use storage trunks and stacking decorative boxes to store stuff in. They double duty as decorative displays as well. I use a buffet to house my tv in my living room and it has 9 draws which I store placemats, linens, napkin rings, tablecloths and my batteries that I use to keep my battery operated candles lit. 

When you begin shopping for accent pieces you will want to choose those that fit in the style of design that you have come to realizing you like most and want to wake up and go to sleep with each day. I love shopping for accent pieces because they really give your rooms that personally finished touch. Make a list of which accent pieces you are looking for to complete your room and go shopping. Remember you are not always going to find everything at once. It make takes weeks of searching for the pieces you desire so have patience and wait for it all to come together in the end. You will be happy with your finished look and be glad you didn't just grab anything in a hurry to get it done. You want to be satisfied and you want it over and finished so you can enjoy it and live in your vision. Surroundings are always more comforting when they are visually appealing.

Accent Pieces



Storage Baskets







Above are a few Home accents but you be the chooser of what to buy that best fits in your vision of pulling the look for your home together.


Last but not least don't forget to tickle your senses with smell. You have taken care of the eyes as far as decorating but the smell goes hand and hand with it. It just brings everything full circle. It's just like when you're dining out. The waiter can can bring you a plate of fine looking food and sit it on the table but if it stinks you will refuse it each it and tell him to take it back. When you enter a home and its looks beautiful to the eye but stinks your whole feel will be turned off to a degree. Yes, houses have natural odors, odors that we are use to because we live there but believe me there is nothing wrong with giving your home a boost of lavender, citrus, or eucalyptus. I rarely use burning candles. I have a lot of battery operated ones so to give my home a delightful scent I use oil diffusers. There are many scented oils to choose from. There are other ways to bring other light scents in your home. You can use dried fruit, potpourri, wax warmers and even scented pinecones depending upon the season.

You can do anything you put your mind and spirit into. Don't complicate matters by stressing or rushing to get things done in a hurry. Keep in mind you can do it budget friendly. Shop the clearance aisle within your favorite stores, go to second hand stores, frequent yard sales and church bazaars. You will be surprised what you find. I am not suggesting you can't buy things from stores that aren't second hand. I am just saying why pay more if you don't have to if you feel comfortable doing so. I have never encountered a problem yet shopping thrifty and or on a budget. Yes, I have bought many things new and unused but at some time you have to learn to cut corners and save. It's nice to decorate but we have to stay mindful that bills continue to be due and it's always, always, wise to save for a rainy day or just in case, God forbid, some unexpectant occurrence in life happens and you find yourself depending upon yourself to fall back on for support. Enjoy your decorating experience, shop, create and design to Live in your Vision.

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