Friday, December 31, 2021

Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022 prayerfully!

We unconsciously take a lot for granted daily. God forgive me when I have ever done this from the greatest to the least. You are so faithful. From January 1, 2021 til December 31, 2021 right now he has kept us. No matter the trials or tribulations we have endured he continues to carry us from day to day. We don't wake up on our own, we don't keep our hearts beating and our minds functioning right, He does. We are not by chance able to speak, think, hear, see and walk. It is all by God's Grace. God is Merciful. He gives us chance after chance after chance. We fail him repeatedly. It makes you wonder why in the world would he care about us. He could easily wipe us all out in the blink of an eye and start humanity all over again. Yes, He can because he is God. As I sit here on the threshold of a new year I am grateful for all that God has given me and allowing me to keep in my life according to his will and purpose for me. I thank him for Grace and Mercy, forgiveness, provision, protection, family, friends and new beginnings. People are dying daily from things known and unknown. I will continue to live day by day by Faith trusting him and whatever comes I know he will be with me his rod and his staff will comfort me. I pray for all those hurting and who have suffered loss this year. I pray for healing for the sick and comfort for the grieving. I pray for shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry. I pray for provision for those in need. Lord I also pray for a gathering of souls unto you.

 Father God in Heaven, I pray that the lost will turn to you and trust in you. We are living in perilous, fallible times on borrowed time. We know not what tomorrow will bring and or even if tomorrow will come. When this world is no more and we have to be transported to another place of existence and refuge our prayer is to be counted worthy to be in that place in the presence of God. All of this is temporary as we are seeing from day to day the rapid decline. Let us not live in fear those of us who know and trust God. I am not saying we don't have concerns just like the next person but what I am saying is their is a difference when you know God is with you to endure the daily changes and happenings. Believers know know that God is with us and for us and if God be for us, who in the world can be against us? He is in control, trust him even when you don't fully understand the process of what you might have to endure to the end but endure it with Faith knowing God is our deliverer. Draw near unto God while time is still left to reconnect with the Father through his son, Jesus, the Christ.

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