Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just For Me

I never take anything for granted. I am truly grateful for the blessings of God. Each morning He wakes me up I am grateful to behold a new day. When many speak of blessings they often refer to monetary and possessions not that to be gifted with things or money is not in some form a blessing. To me the biggest blessings are time, health, and the protection of God. He is our provider so provision is another blessing. God is great and I always say what is for me is for me and what is for somebody else is for them. There is nothing like having a place to come home to or to just live in if you work from home or are retired, etc. Your home is your sanctuary, your haven and your happy place. Home is what you make it. In time with a little planning and elbow grease you can customize your living space just for you.

I like mixing things up in my home and creating an atmosphere that suits my taste and comfort. It's like the eye candy when you go in a corner store trying to make a choice of what  goodies you will be taking home with you to snack on. I love having choices as to how I want to customize my space. I like putting my own special stamp on it that reflects my personality to some degree. Some people stick to one specific design style and some mix and match. As for me no matter which style I choose I want my space to feel as comfortable as possible and be easy on the eyes, my eyes that is. I never decorated to look just like somebody else's space I decorate for it to look like a space I like living in. It may be similar to other spaces you may see in other peoples homes and it may not but it will always have that different edge where you can look at it and say that looks like a Sherri design, lol. It's Wintertime, the weather is cold and we are spending more time indoors where it is warm and safe with all that is going on in the world. Our homes have now become the theater, the concert hall, the diner and the recreational hangout. Bottom line there is no place like home so I say fill it with the things you love and make it a space just for you (and your family if you have one).

I always say work with what you got and find a way to divide it up into multiple areas if you are living in a smaller space. Bookcases, buffets, hutches and area rugs are used in sectioning off spaces in smaller homes. Area rugs are great room anchors. During the winter season its less light because days are shorter so lighting is key in cozying up a space and giving it that warm feel. If you have a home without a built in working fireplace you can purchase a faux fireplace, most of them have heating elements attached to them so you get the ambiance of the fire glowing and the warmth from the heat feature. You can even go as far as having a basket of wood next to it as an extra design element. They sell faux birch logs in the store and online if you don't want a basket of real wood. Pillows and chunky blankets draped on your sofa or on a blanket ladder gives a nice cozy feel to your space. Storage ottomans can house your extra blankets and pillows if you don't want them out all the time but keeps them handy when you want to pull them out and lounge on and under them while watching a movie.

When making a space just for you choose your favorite colors and textures and began searching for the things you wish to see on a daily basis in your living space. Don't forget it's cheaper to buy stuff out of season then in season. It is a true budget friendly way to shop. Check those clearance sections in the stores as well, slightly damaged items are often able to  fix where nobody would have ever known it was flawed to begin with. A cost effective way to shop is to buy pieces in colors that you can use for multiple holidays, seasons and or occasions, like white, black, red, green and gold. It may take some time to get all the elements you need in pulling your entire look together, just be patient, take your time and have fun. Good things come to those who wait, don't rush the process because then you will make mistakes and end up not totally satisfied with the outcome and might have to end up starting all over again which causes frustration and disappointed so just take your time and in the end enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Happy Decorating!


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