Saturday, February 19, 2022

Why Paint? Let me tell you Why.

 Good Morning decorating buddies!!!! Happy Saturday!! As I sit here watching the Winter Olympics eating my breakfast I am giddy about the two furniture transformations that took place this week. I almost can't believe I repainted two large pieces of furniture in one week at my age. Yes, I took breaks in between the drying of coasts but I accomplished it. My mind is recollecting it's thoughts on how I am going to move forward with this decorating journey of mine. I have decided that not only is it too much for me to decorate for every single holiday and event throughout year it it is also too costly. It was fun while it lasted these past five years but I find that it adds up too much in terms of storage. Depending on what type space you have determines how much you can collect in terms of decorating from season to season. I find that it is not even more or less a storage issue as it is in keeping up with all the new styles and trends each year presents. If a line is not drawn somewhere your basement and garage begins to look more like a warehouse. I have chosen a style which I am going to stick to. I am in love with the Afro/Boho look and I am sticking with this the entire year. Now during the reflection of the Resurrection of Christ mid Spring if I want to make a small vignette pertaining to this observance I will but I will not be transforming my entire first floor spaces with nothing but stuff pertaining to certain seasons and events that come up from month to month. For Spring I may add florals in my vases pertaining to this season and put away my pinecones and winter greens. You can add subtle touches without largely transforming your space and you will still know what time of the year it is or what is being celebrated at that particular time. The only holiday you will see a little more than usual is at Christmastime. This will be the only time I transform my space a little more pronounced then the rest of the year. 




Now, lets talk about why should we paint. Cost effectively you make out better to just revamp. Long story short, I have to large pieces of furniture in my dinning room. They both originally started out as a cherry/mahogany color. When I was going for more of a farmhouse look in my home in 2019-2021 I painted them white and they fit perfectly that color for the look I was going for. There was no need to trash that piece and search for one in white when I could just put a coat of white paint on the existing pieces. Now in 2022 I am going for a more Afro/Boho look so I painted the two existing pieces black. FYI the color is Tricorn Black and I absolutely love that I invested in this particular shade of black because its beautiful. Now, the same two furniture pieces again fit in perfectly for the chosen theme presently in my home. I am sticking with this style. It is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. I love the colors of black and gold with pops of green from all the foliage I have in both my living and dinning rooms. I have also added wood and iron elements as well. I have a DIY dream catcher that I made last year hanging in my upstairs hallway. Today I am going to attempt to hang my Bamboo Roll up shade that will cover my double windows in the dinning room.



My motto is, before you go to the stores and spend a bunch of money, shop your house. Check your inventory and find ways to use what you already have. It will save you money that can be put away for other usage. Never confuse your wants with your needs because after all how could we survive if we didn't take care of our basic needs for survival. Material things don't come under the list of things needed to survive. I am not saying there is anything wrong with buying things we want. I am only saying we all have to be good stewards and prioritize when it comes to certain things in life knowing what is more important at the time when using our financial resources. If we budget right we can in conjunction with covering all of our basics be able to afford a want or two every now and then. All things in moderation. You don't have to necessarily have everything you want all at once. Be patient and comparison shop, look for markdowns and throw-ways.

You can thrift store shop with a vision and transform some items you find into items you find in these high end stores. Search YouTube for DIY tutorials. Don't be afraid of trial and error, work at it long enough and you will master it. Remember nothing is perfect. It is what you make it and it doesn't have to be exactly like what somebody else has our makes. Make it your own. I love rare, unique one of a kinds. I like the no two are exactly alike item. Be a trend setter and not necessarily a follower of what everyone else is doing. Even if there are some similarities in comparison to both of your homes there will always be those traces of you that is not found in anybody else's space but yours. Enjoy your weekend, blessings!

Happy Decorating!

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