Saturday, March 5, 2022

Many Decorators, Many Styles


My decorating styles have changed through the years with Country decor being my first love. I realize that there are a lot of decorators out there with different design styles. In my group "Decorators who Love Interior Design". All are welcome to share their design style be it Country, Farmhouse, Boho, AfroBoho, Primitive, Mid Century Modern, Eclectic, etc. We share and inspire each other. Your home is your happy place and your peace away from the outside world. However you feel comfortable styling it, do it. You don't have to do what everybody else is doing. Create your own style. If you choose to mix styles or stick with one design style do what makes you happy. It is the zone that you will have to look at and live in daily so make it your own and have fun decorating. If you take great joy interior design and are looking for ideas and inspiration in doing so this group is the one for you.

I invite you to join us. Come on in and lets compare and share with one another. I guarantee you it will be fun and full of tips, pictures and ideas on how to enhance or add to your decorating style.

Happy Decorating!

Decorators Who Love Interior Design

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