It's All about the Lighting

Lighting makes a difference. A few months ago when I hoping and wishing that I had more space to add my Afro Bohemian decor to my home a vision came to me to revamp my closet space. I had not to long ago finished painting an accent wall behind my tv stand. I had the door taken off cleaned the closet out and painted it the same black that I painted the accent wall adjacent to it behind my tv cabinet. I swiped a cabinet I had in my dinning room and it was a perfect fit inside the close. I decorated the walls around 4 shelf standing unit and accessorized it. It had now become my book nook. As time passed it bothered me that the corner that I had did so much work on was hidden at night. How could I highlight it more. I tried a lamp and candles but it wasn't enough then the idea came to me to try strip lighting and what a difference it made. It is so cozy and night, did I stop there, nope, my Stepback cabinet is another statement piece in my home but all that I decorated with within could not be seen at night as well. Can you guess what I did? If you guessed bought more strip lighting and installed it in my cabinet then you are right. Now you can see what I have accessorized it with in the daytime and at nighttime. I like the fact that the you can control the brightness and cut them on an off with a remote. It even has some preset buttons for different light modes. Talk about mood lighting. What an inexpensive way to add a little nighttime charm to decorating space.