One of the best way to add seasonal changes to your home without upsetting your design style is by playing on the colors of the current season and just adding subtle touches. You can achieve this with throws, pillows, curtains and scents. My mud cloth pillows have fall colors in them and my throws are neutral so they stayed as is. I brought in bowls of pinecones because they represent fall plus they are earthy. I tucked in a few pumpkins here and there and even decorated with a few extra pillows that have pumpkins on them. I didn't want to go full throttle in changing around everything like I use to do. I change the scents in my Wax Warmer and Oil Diffusers to reflect the season. I love cinnamon and spice and cloves during the Fall. I have found them both in wax and oil in the stores. I even simmer spices on my stove in a small pot I have. I keep candles in my home, some battery operated and some natural wax. You can purchase candles in the colors of the current season. You can even go as far as finding rugs that reflect the colors of the season all the while keeping everything else basically the same and in its place. Happy October!!!