The Holidays

 The holiday season is here. My initial intention was to find a way to decorate for Christmas in an Afro Bohemian Style but I love the whimsy colorful childlike aspect of decorating so much that my plan did not come to fruition, maybe next year, Lord willing. Neutrals are beautiful believe me but to decorate for Christmas without color is like remembering Christmases of old in black and white. Growing up my mom always used color lights and there were pops of red, green  gold and silver. 

Year after year of Christmas decorating for my kids who are now grown is a hard habit to break probably because to some degree I have aged but not matured when it comes to Christmas. The kid in me still desires to be surrounded by the things I remember as a child. I like a nostalgic backdrop so you will see ceramic trees, santas, snowmen, dolls, etc. There is an eclectic mix of Christmas decorations in my home and I absolutely love it. 

Christmas holds precious memories for me that come rushing to my mind every holiday season. I hold dear the precious thoughts of my dad and grandparents who are no longer here in the physical sense but strongly in spirit. They left behind a legacy of love and the joy of Christmas the lives on in my spirit. 

I divided my downstairs living space into two separate decorating zones. The front room is decorated with clear lights and the middle room has been decorated with color lights.

I also divided the rooms into separate decorating spaces so there is four corners with different themes being displayed in both rooms. Having console tables with multiple levels gave me more space to arrange the many pieces I have collected over the years. I will further go into detail about each separate vignette I created in future blog posts. All in all I like to be different. I see many content creators mimic one another when decorating. I try not to be a trend follower more or less and be a trend setter. I like to do my own thing and not necessarily follow an exact blue print when decorating. It sets your style apart from the rest and there is no harm in that whatsoever. It is your own personal level of creativity.

It is never a competition for me when decorating for Christmas or any other time for that matter it is just a time to have fun with it and give birth to my vision. Thanksgiving will be here in a week and Christmas follows a mere 30 days later meanwhile I plan to continue to enjoy all the work I put into decorating my home and soak in the spirit of the season each day until the season comes to an end. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. My entries are forthcoming.


Enjoy your holiday season and be safe.
Walk in Creativity! :)