Happy 2023

Twenty four days ago we began a new year. In the new year there will be new ideas, new projects and remixed looks as we continue to dabble in the world of home design. I am grateful for a another year, continue life and the opportunities afforded me to keep on walking in creativity, my own mind you.  There is nothing wrong with gathering ideas and inspiration but in the end make your own. Express your style in the way that is most comfortable and appealing to you in your living space. It doesnt have to mimic anybody else's style, be you and do you.

When it was time to take down all the Christmas decor a few weeks ago I had the task of packing up putting away and unpacking and restyling what was displayed before the take down began. I post most things back in their place but then there were a lot of changes. My tv cabinet went from white to black with the use of leftover black paint. I did some furniture remixing and picked up a few new things after the holidays. I am one for a bargain and a sale. I have been a thrifty shopper for the most part of my adult life. I believe in repurposing things and upcycling what you have. 

You dont have to break the bank to obtain a new look. You will be surprised how subtle changes can give your space a whole new look and vibe with paint, pillow cover changes, curtain swaps and just merely switching stuff around that you already have. Create and vision board and get to work. I have done this for decades. Home Design has been a passion of mind for over forty years. I thank God for my home and how it is designed within. No, I am not rich I just know how to work a space from odds and ends from flea markets and thrift stores. We have to live outside of our love for home design because bills are forever and they take priority over wants, cover your needs first and what is left you can take care of some of your wants all in due time as your finances allow. Be patient your vision will come together. Don't neglect what needs to be taken care of first and find yourself in dire straits or debt. Have fun with it. I dont know about you but its theraputic for me. It is a distraction from the calamity present in the world. I pray for those hurting, sick and struggling with everyday life because stuff is happening all around us, tomorrow is not promised to either of us. Praying the God will keep you and your family safe.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing ideas, tips and content with you in 2023. Take care and stay safe.

Peace and Blessings