Refresh by Remixing

Just as the weather can alter your mood so can the atmosphere in your living space. You have your minimalist and your maximalist. Many say less is more and some feel the opposite and enjoy the aspect of layering, textures and grouping. I am definitely a maximalist. I am also a decorator that likes to over time remix my space and give it a fresher look. This is nothing new people have been remixes living space for decades. We move sofas, chairs, tables, etc. We swap things from other rooms in our home. It is not always about going out and buying something new. Its a money saver and rids you of the headache of excessive storage.

When I start to feel disconnected with displays in certain areas of my home I know its time for me to get to remixing things for a new look. I restyled my coffee table display and I love it. It brought a part of my spirit back in synch lol. I started by swapping the table runners from both my coffee and dinning room tables. I borrowed a few gold accents from my display cabinet and kept a few I already had on there before the remix. My gold ginger jar that I absolutely love is the center focal point of my display. It sits upon a marble tray which I took from another display and put a wooden tray in place of the marble one that I now have on my coffee table. The ginger jar that was removed from my console table is flanked by two gold accents pieces all displayed on a gold table runner. The crowning touch was when I filled the ginger jar with a full display of off white colored silk peonies. I sat the gold lid beside it on the marble tray.

I repeatedly say you don't have to go broke to decorate your home. I love restyling certain areas in my home every few months with objects I already own. Yes, I may add something new every now and then that I may find on clearance or at a thriftstore. It keeps my cost low and my joy meter high. There is nothing like enjoying the home you worked hard to put together for you and your family to live in and enjoy. There is no shame in it at all.