Small Spaces

 Don't let the square footage of your living space intimidate you when it comes to decorating your home. I always say its not the size that you are working with its how you work with the size you have. Dont be afraid to be bold and or go big. You can mix your colors, patterns and or decorating styles. There is nothing wrong with the eclectic look. You dont have to stay stuck on one style if you choose not to. 

I am constantly elevating my living space staying within my primary style of decorating. Lately I have been adding bold accents and persistently looking for things on my short bucket list. I have collected enough over the years to shop my house first in my attempt to reinvent my spaces. If you preserve what you have you can always retreive things at a later time to change up the look in your home. Simple swaps and changes can give your space a whole new look. How about change your curtains, swap out a rug, change your pillow covers and throws to another color. You can paint some of your furniture pieces and or add new hardware. I have even gone as far as changing the plates on the light switches on my walls and socket covers. Many times the subtlist changes are all you need to aquire a refreshed look in your home. In four days the Spring season will begin so I have removed a lot of the darker accents in my home and changed them to lighter and brighter ones to remove the heavy feel in my rooms. 

Yes, my living space is small, its not big. I mainly work with just two rooms. The third room that I used as my sitting/craft/guest room has turned back into a storage room but once again I plan to clean it out and reclaim it. That will be my next project over the next few months. Stay tuned.