Welcome October 2023

Good evening friends, new month, new season, new possibilities, updates and changes. Life has really been lifing for me? It has been a busy day for me changing around things in my home? I am loving the change of season. Who doesnt love Fall with its cooler weather and beautiful colors? Then here comes a little indian summer. It will be in the 80's this coming week. I pray its short lived because I was loving the 60's temperatures for the past few weeks. September was the month for crossing a lot of stuff off my to do list. It has lighten the weight of my home, my mind and spirit. I am an early prepper so I am already in next holiday mode. God is good, never take life for granted, appreciate what you have and love on those who love you because its a blessing to have love and be loved. Enjoy your evening, before I go let me share a little bit of Fall in my home because the days pass quickly and before you know it another theme will have taken its place completely. Fall is my time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. When the BER months begin my frame of mind changes all I see coming up the road are the holidays, LOL. Let the countdown begin!

Happy Fall yall and Happy 1st day of October!