17 days til Christmas 2023!!

Somebody please explain to me how in the world we went from September first to December eight so swiftly. I tell you when the Christmas spirit starts stirring my spirit in September apparently it's not early enough. There is something about the last quarter of the year. It zooms by like: Time to go back to school, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas!!!! Well I must say when I began decorating my home in late September I knew it was important, as it has been every year for the past six years, to my decorations out, up and done so I can fully enjoy it before people starting screaming Happy New Year LOL.

I dont know about the next person but I am not an after Thanksgiving or two weeks before Christmas decorator. I never have been and I dont surmize I ever will be when it comes to decorating for the last season of the year. Yup, we still acknowledge Thanksgiving with our tree up and lights blinking, its still Thanksgiving and we still give thanks with all our heart as we do daily for life in general. I start with my Jesus tree and then my dining and bedroom trees go up. All three trees are 7 footers. I love how my living room is non traditional in the sense it being decorated with clear lights and my dining room traditional with its color lights and santas. My nativities are in the gold room (living room) directly on either side of my front door. As you head toward the dinning room it merges into a type of childlike Christmas with the santas and snoopys. I must say I love the blend or shall I say transition from one room to another. 

This year for the first time in the past 7 Christmases that I full on decorated my bedroom with a 7 footer and mixtures of color and clear lights and santas and snowmen. I was so happy to find gold reindeers this year including a large reindeer boowl which is the centerpiece on my dining room table. I changed my tablescape in there twice. It went from santas mugs and plates on a cream and red table cloth with holly and berries to a plain cream color table cloth with a off white table runner with green trees on it. The tablescape consists of gold reindeer, white and gold plates, glasses and flatware. I put all my santa mugs on a mug holder on my wall and the previous plates in my wooden cabinet. Everything worked together perfectly with the blend of my Mr. Christmas collectables and my large sleigh, most of these things I have had for years and I just continue to bring them back out each year. A little can go a long way, its all about assecories and placement. You don't have to break the bank or go in debt to decorate for one holiday. I am going to the thrift store this week for last minute inexpensive finds. Have fun with it. Life is a blessings and tomorrow is not promised. If this time of year is your thing then do your thing regardless of what others might think or say. It is your life, live it, be happy, remain humble and grateful.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy today's entry and pictures. I pray you and your family have a safe holiday season and Merry Christmas!

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