Happy New Year: More in 2024: New Vision

Happy New Year decorating enthusiasts. Look forward to more in 2024. The Christmas decorations have been packed and put away, everyday decor has resurfaced. I did some furniture remixes and added some things since my last video. I feel like I'm living my best life because I am content with my current living situation and at peace and comfortable in my surroundings. I smile everyday I come downstairs grateful to God for His Grace and Mercy,  a new day and that my home is still secure and standing. 

I doubt if I will ever wear the hat of a minimalist. I am a maximalist at heart and happy with the placement of all things within my home. I hope to continue to inspire others to create and decorate in 2024. Stay tuned for more. Subscribe to my YouTube channel with the same name as my blog and hit that notification bell so you will be alerted when I upload new videos. Thank you for following me on my continued decorating journey. I hope you were inspired and will check out the videos on my channel and join the Walk in Creativity family.

Peace and Blessings