It was time for a new look, new year, change is good. The first floor of my home is on lock. The Afro Boho flow is real and it was time to make the second floor match the first. I began with my bedroom a little over a month ago. I knew once the holidays was over I wanted to make changes in the coming year. It wasnt hard to do because I already had the necessary pieces to style it with, it was just a matter of cleaing out and updating the look. I had extra console tables that were in storage so I bought them up and cleaned them off. I also had enough extra decor pieces stored away to dress the shelves with as well as art for my walls. The Queen on the wall by the window was the only new addition. You cant go wrong with a basket wall in the room and I had extras laying around to assemble one above the radiator by the window. The bedding, headboard and coffee table were the only new furniture additions, all afordable priced via Amazon and Ross. I am still trying to finalize the look for my window treatments but no hurry I am sure I will find what I want eventually.

You dont have to go into to debt to decorate. If your a thrift store shopper like myslef you will have picked up a lot of treasures through the years and if stored properly you can remix and restyle your home for years to come with only adding a few things here and there as time goes on. I alway first shop my home, its a game changer when it comes to not spending money uneccesarily. I find that painting can give your room or furniture a different refreshed and refined look, a can, a roller, a brush and patience and you will be suprised at the difference and the fresh statement it will make. My motto is take your time, prioritize and be happy with what you make of your home on a personal level. Have your own personal style and not necessarily a carbon copy of someone else's. There is nothing wrong with gathering ideas but make it your own, put your stamp on it so it idenfines your particular style. It is all about what you love to be surrounded by.

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You can see more of my bedroom refresh by visiting my YouTube page BEDROOM REFRESH

Happy Decorating!!!!!!!

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